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Lunch: 10:30 AM - 3:30PM
Dinner: 4:30PM - 9:30PM

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When you visit McCully Buffet in Honolulu, you’ll enjoy the winning combination of Japanese and Korean cuisine that our owner, Sam Seo, has developed. Our buffet features selections such as sushi, yakiniku-style meat, vegetables, and seafood that are ready for you to cook right at your table. Come in to enjoy a unique and delicious experience.

*Monday - Thursday Senior & Military Discounts Available! Enjoy 10% off (except on Holidays)  

Japanese & Korean Dishes

Our buffet proudly offers both Korean and Japanese cuisine that’ll make your mouth water. With selections like yakiniku meat and Korean barbeque, as well as our many delicious seafood dishes and sauces, it’s easy to see why this combination succeeds. These cultures provide excellent food, and combining them makes our food phenomenal.

Locally Sourced

One of our top goals is to always provide affordable, high-quality food. McCully Buffet brings in locally sourced seafood from Honolulu County, including ahi tuna purchased right from the auction block. Providing the community with delicious, local food that’s both high quality and affordable is why we’re the best around.

Sea Food in Plate

Table Grilling

We offer a plethora of marinated meats and veggies that you can actually cook at your table. This style of cooking is popular in Korean barbeque and provides a fun way to enjoy dinner with friends. Cooking the meat, seafood, or vegetables to your exact tastes removes any guesswork, and you’ll enjoy a social meal where everyone gets to experience their own perfect dish.

Come Enjoy a Great Meal

McCully Buffet is the place to be if you’re searching for amazing Japanese and Korean cuisine at affordable rates. Our food is fresh and locally sourced as much as possible. With so many different options, you can try something new every time you visit! Come by today and enjoy a meal you won’t forget.

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